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Flexible learning. The GAMA Training Hub online platform, available soon, will provide bespoke training programmes and tailor them to the specific needs of their target audience.

GAMA Training Hub

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The GAMA Training Hub will allow you to assign appropriate programmes to different users in your healthcare organisation and securely track their progress. Our reporting dashboard will provide bespoke reports (filtered by job role, department, training session or date) that can be exported into an easy to read and understand PDF report.

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How disinfectant wipes can save you time and money

Cleaning budgets are limited so rational decisions must be made about which cleaning and disinfectant products to purchase.


Getting disinfectant wipes to the point of care

A survey investigated isolation precautions in a hospital. 14% of inpatients were on isolation precautions. Compliance with single rooms, signage, and PPE was >90%. However, only 2% of rooms had disinfectant wipes available at the point of care.


The importance of training in getting the best out of disinfectant wipes

Staff training is a vital component of achieving effective hospital cleaning and disinfection.