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Flexible learning. The GAMA Training Hub online platform, available soon, will provide bespoke training programmes and tailor them to the specific needs of their target audience.

GAMA Training Hub

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The GAMA Training Hub will allow you to assign appropriate programmes to different users in your healthcare organisation and securely track their progress. Our reporting dashboard will provide bespoke reports (filtered by job role, department, training session or date) that can be exported into an easy to read and understand PDF report.

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Microfibre and water isn’t magical

There’s a word on the street that microfibre combined with water is suitable for all cleaning challenges.

2019_uv-room-disinfection-system-face-off_Gama_1366x400px copy.jpg

UV room disinfection system face-off

An important new US study has performed an epic head-to-head evaluation of 8 different UV-based room disinfection systems.


What's going on with surface disinfection in dental settings?

An interesting new article reviews the history and state-of-the-art for surface disinfection in dentistry settings.