Nurse using HEXI PREP on patient
          Nurse using HEXI PREP on patient

          Simple, sterile skin disinfection

          2% Chlorhexidine Digluconate in 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

          As our first licensed pharmaceutical product, HEXI PREP supports aseptic guidelines such as NICE and epic3 at cost effective prices, for vascular access procedures.

          HEXI PREP's features

          Not only is HEXI PREP clinically proven to be superior to saline, but it's also:

          HEXI PREP Icon - Simple to use


          HEXI PREP's 'apply & dry' application method makes skin disinfection straight forward for both the user and patient.

          HEXI PREP Icon - Licensed


          Our 1.5ml and 3.0ml sachets are licensed for a wide range of vascular access procedures, streamlining your skin disinfection solutions.

          HEXI PREP Icon - ANTT Approved

          ANTT® approved

          Reviewed and approved according to ANTT® to make sure HEXI PREP supports good aseptic practice.

          HEXI PREP's sterility

          Why does sterility matter?

          During the manufacturing process, there can be a risk of contamination. The MHRA in the UK recommend that every skin antiseptic product intended for medical use should be manufactured sterile. In some countries this isn't a regulatory requirement, however producing sterile products will maximise patient safety and reduce product recalls.


          HEXI PREP

          A sterile 2% Chlorhexidine Digluconate in 70% Isopropyl Alcohol pad

          HEXI PREP is a pre-impregnated sterile pad designed for skin disinfection before invasive vascular access procedures. HEXI PREP's 'apply & dry' application method keeps skin disinfection quick and simple for healthcare professionals.

          Product code: CHEX15 & CHEX30

          Indications for use video
          Indications for use video


          Can I use HEXI PREP as part of my ANTT® process for cannulation?

          Yes, HEXI PREP has been evaluated by the Association for Safe Aseptic Practice and has been approved…Read More

          What does sterile mean?

          The MHRA recommends that all products used for skin antisepsis prior to invasive procedures should b…Read More

          Is HEXI PREP the same as other licensed skin antisepsis products?

          HEXI PREP is a 2% Chlorhexidine Digluconate in 70% Isopropyl Alcohol formulation which are the same …Read More

          How long does the drying time take after application?

          30 seconds is the recommended time for drying, however ambient room temperatures can differ which ma…Read More

          How long do I apply HEXI PREP?

          Apply for 30 seconds before letting the product dry prior to invasive procedures.

          How much skin can I clean with HEXI PREP?

          HEXI PREP CHEX15 covers 10cm x 10cm of skin, while HEXI PREP CHEX30 covers 15cm x 15cm of skin.

          Which invasive procedure can I use HEXI PREP for?

          1.5ml HEXI PREP CHEX15 procedures include: Blood culture collection Peripheral cannulation Periphera…

          Read More

          What are the guidelines for skin disinfection?

          EPIC 3 guidelines: IVAD15 recommends using a 2% chlorhexidine digluconate in 70% IPA to disinfect ar…Read More

          Can I use this in a cannulation pack?

          Yes, HEXI PREP can be included into a cannulation pack providing the kit packing company can work wi…Read More

          What is the difference between HEXI PREP and CA2CSKIN?

          HEXI PREP is manufactured under pharmaceutical conditions in a class I clean room environment. Its …Read More

          How big is the pad?

          Folded CHEX15 measures 5cm x 2.2cm and CHEX30 measures 5cm x 3cm and unfolded the pad measures 10cm …Read More

          Should I unfold the pad before use?

          The pad should be used unfolded as it reduces the potential of air particulate contamination and is …Read More

          How firmly should I press when applied to the skin?

          The SmPC states that the pad should be applied with firm pressure. However, fragile, delicate skin …Read More

          How many HEXI PREP pads do I need to use?

          One sachet is sufficient to disinfect the skin for each of the indications. 1.5ml CHEX15 covers 10c…Read More

          Can HEXI PREP be used in my aseptic procedure?

          HEXI PREP has been approved for use in aseptic procedures by the MHRA and has been evaluated by the …Read More

          How long can HEXI PREP last once opened before use?

          HEXI PREP should be used unfolded as soon as the pad is removed from the sterile packaging and appli…Read More

          Can HEXI PREP be used on children?

          HEXI PREP may be used on all age groups and patient populations. However, it should be used with ca…Read More

          What if my patient has a chlorhexidine allergy?

          HEXI PREP contains chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine is known to induce hypersensitivity, including gene…Read More

          What do I do if the pad is dry?

          If the pad is dry and you cannot apply a wet solution onto the skin for 30 seconds, then following t…Read More

          Do I have to wear gloves to use HEXI PREP?

          For both non-sterile and sterile procedures, the user should wear gloves during application.

          Book a product demonstration

          For more information, demonstrations and advice about how you could adopt HEXI PREP into your organisation, please get in touch using the form.


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