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8th January 2021

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Today we sat down virtually with our new Chief Quality and Regulatory Officer Richard McMahon, to talk about why he wanted to join our team, what he aims to bring to the department and important treehouses, and kids' films.

Richard McMahon

Earlier in the year, Richard worked for Dyson as the Global Quality and Reliability Director having a hand in their part of the UK ventilator challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now he’s joined our Executive Team to help support us on our next stage of growth.

How are you finding it at GAMA?

I’m only on day 4, so I’m still discovering, but I like what I’ve found so far. The people I’ve interacted with so far have been very authentic and it’s been interesting to see the potential in the things that fall under the department. There’s opportunity all over the place.

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So, what are you most excited to dig your teeth into?

Building on the team we’ve got. Looking at the GAMA Healthcare plan now it’s both bonkers and brilliant, so the team will have to grow alongside that. I also love the people side of quality assurance, it's incredibly important to build the team right so the talent can grow naturally. That’s the fun bit.

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Why did you want to join GAMA?

I was looking for something interesting, more than anything else. I wanted to work with intelligent people who liked a bit of fun, hardworking.

I wanted something with a bit of purpose. It didn’t have to save the world but I wanted a company I could make a difference in. And I wanted good colleagues more than anything. GAMA seemed to fit all of those things.

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What do you feel you can bring to GAMA?

I guess it’s a few things. I’ve got a lot of energy and I like to think I’m good with people. And I love learning quickly – which there’s a lot of at GAMA!

But, then again, I also know how global companies operate, having worked in South East Asia, China and the Philippines. I’ve got a lot of experience of when things go wrong, and how to fix it when it does. But I can also add to the fun side of things. To find the good side of the craziness and throw myself into it, which I hope will all benefit GAMA.

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Is that how you usually approach a challenge, head-on?

I like running towards trouble, definitely. Though, I like starting with a degree of chaos and trying to bring order to it. It’s tiring but appealing.

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Do you have any little quirks your new colleagues should know about?

I’m good at pretending I’m not listening. So, I’ve got a really good face when people think I’m paying attention but in reality, my mind is elsewhere. It’s a defence mechanism from growing up: my parents were very into bridge and they’d come home every evening and tell me how the game was.

Also, if you start me off talking about treehouses that’s another one. I’m currently building one for my children in the garden. It’s like a two-storey, 12 square meter… you’ve started me now.

Well, that’s the point: we’re getting to know you! On that topic then, do you have favourite kind of tree?

Well, if you asked me that at the beginning of the year, I wouldn’t have had one but now it would have to be a black poplar.

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Moving indoors now, do you have any movie recommendations from lockdown?

I’ve been doing a great Star Trek and Harry Potter binge because of the family situation in lockdown. Come Friday night we might get a pizza or a curry and sit the kids down in front of a movie and enjoy.

But, obviously, we need to keep it kid-friendly for our 6-year-old. So, movie recommendations and suggestions are pretty much nil to someone who enjoys good movies. Currently, I just like 6-year-olds movies.

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And finally, did you pick up any lockdown talents?

Well, this question is going to bring me right back to the treehouse!

So, building the treehouse was definitely number one. I took on more running than I used to. I was meant to go out on my dinghy, but I just haven’t had the time during lockdown so running yes, sailing no and building a treehouse at the bottom of my garden; it’s been great fun.

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If you’re interested in joining Richard as he builds on our world-class Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance Team (or if you’re just interested in joining GAMA Healthcare on our next stage of growth), check out our career opportunities here.

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