Bolstering our Science & Innovation Team to help bring infection prevention into homes and businesses


30th July 2020

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Our purpose has never been more important: to prevent infections to save and improve lives. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re bolstering our team and our supply chain to provide clinically proven infection prevention solutions beyond healthcare.

Infection prevention has changed. It’s no longer about stopping the spread of infection within care settings. It’s about stopping people getting there in the first place. It’s no longer seen as the responsibility of health and social care workers. It’s something every single one of us must champion in our own lives.

That’s why we’re driving innovation in infection prevention technology. And it’s why we’re adding the expertise to help us bring our patented technologies to homes and businesses.

Dr Teresa Layer brings over 20 years of strategic planning and R&D experience, having held the role of Vice-President of Oral Health and Skin Health R&D at GSK Consumer Healthcare. GAMA has a history of using cutting-edge laboratory and clinical research to develop innovative products. Since joining GAMA as our Science & Innovation Director, Teresa has built a world-class team to drive that innovation further than ever.


“The Science and Innovation Team are critical to drive GAMA’s ongoing leadership and product pipeline in surface and skin disinfection – as well as disinfection through novel equipment. We’re building a technical team of world-class scientific professionals to deliver a five-year pipeline of exciting, novel, patient/consumer-centric products, underpinned by scientific excellence.”

COVID-19 has changed the way we all live our lives, making infection prevention part of the everyday for all of us. To reflect that, Teresa has headhunted expertise from global FMCGs Reckitt Benckiser (RB) and Unilever. Helping support increase in demand for our infection prevention and control products from business and consumers.


Matt Duggan, Scientific Collaborations and Open Innovation Lead, joins us from Reckitt-Benckiser (RB) with experience from healthcare to renewable energy. Matt will look after our University and external research partners, helping turn scientific research into innovative product ideas.

Csaba Gnandt, Product Optimisation and Technical Transfer Team Leader, has over 20 years of experience in scaling up those product ideas into something real. Initially trained as a chemist, Csaba has optimised product development and manufacture for a range of personal care and household cleaning brands across Unilever’s portfolio.

Giles Crowley, Development Formulation Scientist, brings extensive experience in science-based formulation chemistry. He is a specialist in hard surface cleaning from two decades experience at Unilever and his academic achievements include a Master’s Degree in Polymer Science.

This is a critical time for healthcare. We want to continue to support our NHS and healthcare systems around the world. Not just by providing them with clinically proven infection prevention solutions. But by making those industry-leading products available to protect people in their everyday lives – at home, at work or when travelling. To help ease the burden on those healthcare systems.

It’s vital for us to bring on the right people, with the right expertise to help us produce unrivalled solutions for healthcare, homes and businesses alike. Together we’re improving the way we develop products, the way we manufacture and the way we help protect people from infection.

If you’re interested in joining us on the next step of our journey, please have a look at our career opportunities here.

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