GAMA Healthcare launches Clinell Biodegradable Surface Wipe


22nd June 2022


We’re proud to announce the launch of our first ever biodegradable surface wipe. In this article, we discuss GAMA's journey to Net Zero, what makes our new wipes biodegradable and how effective they really are.

To help you understand why we have launched a new biodegradable wipe, here's a quick run down of GAMA’s sustainability agenda.

GAMA’s journey to Net Zero

At GAMA Healthcare, sustainability is core to our purpose and runs across everything we do. As we embark on our journey towards Net Zero, we have aligned all of our objectives to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our objectives focus on the best ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic dimensions of doing business.

Our sustainable product objective: “To develop products that not only drive GAMA’s purpose but have a positive impact on our planet.”

Our first step towards sustainable infection prevention solutions is the new Clinell Biodegradable Surface Wipe. But what does biodegradable really mean? And how can we be sure they are effective? Let's take a look at what makes these wipes truly sustainable.

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What makes the wipe biodegradable?

Clinell Biodegradable Surface Wipes are made from lyocell, a biodegradable plant fibre which is proven to biodegrade in normal landfill conditions, in accordance with ASTM D5511-18 standards. Our Research & Development team based in Halifax, worked tirelessly with industry experts to prove its best in class standards.

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What does “recycle-ready” packaging mean?

The packaging is made from PP laminate. Again, our R&D team worked with industry experts, including specialists from OPRL, to ensure we are using the very best packaging material. Our new recycle-ready packs can be recycled with plastic bags at large supermarkets.

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Are the wipes as effective as Clinell Universal?

Clinell Biodegradable Surface Wipes are developed from the same patented formulation of our Clinell Universal Wipes – the NHS’ number 1 disinfectant wipe. They kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and are effective against influenza, norovirus, adenovirus & coronavirus in 30 seconds.

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Are the biodegradable wipes available for hospitals?

Not yet! Products for use in healthcare environments require different standards and regulatory approvals, all of which increase the complexity and timeframe of releasing a suitable product. However, we are committed to working with the NHS to reach our joint Net Zero aspirations as soon as possible.

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Where can I find Clinell Biodegradable Surface Wipes?

Our new biodegradable wipes are available to buy on Amazon. They are conveniently packaged in shelf-ready packaging, containing 6 packs of 60 wipes. They’re perfect for everyday use in homes, workplaces and on-the-go.

Clinell Biodegradable Surface Wipes

We’re delighted to have launched our first biodegradable surface wipe and although the journey to Net Zero is long, we’re not stopping there, this is just the beginning! For more information, visit Clinell’s Biodegradable Surface Wipes page.

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Cat Atton

Digital Content Manager, GAMA Healthcare

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