International launch of Rediroom, the world’s first portable isolation solution


10th November 2021


Following initial sales in Japan, we're now launching Rediroom in key territories across Europe, MEA, Asia, the Americas and Oceania. Having already been adopted by 30 NHS hospitals, we're delighted to share we're approaching our 400th order for Rediroom. Read on to find out more about Rediroom's international launch.

We're thrilled to announce the international launch of Rediroom, the world’s first portable isolation solution. Rediroom, which is close to receiving its 400th order, has been successfully adopted by NHS hospitals.

Rediroom, launched in 2020, is a mobile cart that expands into a HEPA air-filtered isolation room with hands-free entry in five minutes, providing a flexible solution to increasing isolation capacity in response to outbreaks of infection, suspected or unconfirmed infections, and the ability to isolate patients anywhere, including multi-occupancy wards. This reduces the risk of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) that are spread through droplet and direct contact, including norovirus, seasonal flu, C. diff, and Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Following initial sales to hospitals in Japan, we're now launching the product internationally into further key geographies across Europe, MEA, Asia, the Americas and Oceania, and is in discussions with a number of potential partners. We will be exhibiting at MEDICA, the world leading medical trade fair taking place from 15 – 18 November 2021 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The NHS has been a key customer for Rediroom thus far, with 30 different UK hospitals having adopted the product, which has represented a 1% increase in isolation capacity for the entirety of the NHS in England. Isolation of infected or colonised patients is a measure utilised to reducing transmission of microorganisms between patients. Reducing transmission (via increased isolation capacity) can be linked to reducing the risk of patients acquiring HAIs. Health economics data published in the Journal of Hospital Infection in July 2021 found that the adoption of Rediroom was likely to be a cost-effective strategy for the NHS if it reduced the chances of an HAI by at least 16.5%.

Importantly, Rediroom is designed to isolate against diseases spread through droplet and direct contact, rather than through aerosol, meaning that the protection provided by Rediroom is most effective for diseases such as norovirus, seasonal flu, C. diff, and MRSA.



A mobile cart that expands into a HEPA air-filtered single room with hands-free entry, provides hospitals with greater isolation capacity and flexibility, improving patient flow.

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In October 2021, Rediroom won two categories in the Australia Good Design Awards: Product Design: Best in Class (Medical and Scientific), and Engineering Design: Gold, with the judges commenting positively on the innovative design of Rediroom, and the beneficial impact that the product could have in healthcare today and in the future as we face a growing threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria and HAIs.

“We have been delighted by the successful roll-out and the adoption of Rediroom by the NHS, having received almost 400 orders less than two years after launching the product. The NHS has been a key customer thus far, where Rediroom has increased the isolation capacity of each purchasing hospital by an average of 5%, and produced excellent results during the pandemic.

The reception to Rediroom from the hospitals using it, and from those who have evaluated the product, has been highly positive. The use of the product to date has provided further validation that Rediroom can help change the way that we approach infection prevention, protect patients and hospital staff from the risk of HAIs, and has the potential to do so in other healthcare systems as well.

Following the success in the UK and Japan, we are now focused on the international launch of Rediroom in target overseas markets, and are in discussions with a number of potential new partners to help us accelerate the growth of Rediroom across the world.” - Guy Braverman, Joint CEO, GAMA Healthcare

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