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16th March 2021

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We virtually sat down with our new Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Victor Dragoi, to find out a little bit more about his role at GAMA, what he's most excited about working on and his strategic plans for the future.


Background on the Chief Sales Officer:

The Chief Sales Officer (CSO) is an exciting and essential new role, as we strategically launch new products and enter new markets.

Victor joins the team from William Grant & Sons, where he was the Global Commercial Development Director, responsible for designing and delivering sales excellence across WG&S business.

Victor will be responsible for the overall leadership of our Acute, Non-Acute and International Sales Teams.

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What made you want to join GAMA?

Three reasons:

  • A dynamic, expanding, entrepreneurial company that has the potential to multiply its current business: I’d love to be part of this journey.

  • One of the few businesses that genuinely strives to improve the lives of people by safeguarding their health.

  • The fantastic team I’ve met during the tests and interviews, from Guy and Allen to each of the ExCo members.

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What do you bring to GAMA?

25 years of expertise in running local, regional, and global businesses, from account executive to board member. This has allowed me to gain perspective on business models and execution, equally hands-on and strategically, living and working across half a dozen countries and businesses, leading multicultural and multifunctional teams.

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What’s your favourite GAMA brand and why?

Two, actually: Clinell is no surprise, as it has the potential to expand our penetration in new channels and geographies; Rediroom as it builds further our credibility and portfolio equity with key professionals.

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What are you most excited about getting involved in?

Equally in design and execution: designing together with the ExCo and the Sales Team a framework for expanding the business sustainably; transforming the current experience within the team into Standards of Excellence shared across the business, to streamline and enhance the execution with our distributors and commercial partners.

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When you’re not being the Sales Director, what do you do with your time?

Sharing a common passion with my daughters – photography.

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If you'd like to find out more about our team, please visit our About Us page. Looking to start a career in Sales? Take a look at our current positions available.

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