Training package accreditation


31st October 2014


GAMA Healthcare are proud to announce that IPS have approved the educational content of the revolutionary Clinell Training Package.

The Clinell Training Package is a comprehensive introduction to environmental cleaning. It has been developed in conjunction with some of the leading IPC specialists in the country.  Designed to be primarily used on a tablet it teaches the importance of applying the correct environmental cleaning practices to reduce HCAIs. The simple and easy to use app includes 5 fun and engaging games to illustrate key learning points, such as high touch points, transference, how to clean and day-to-day application and consequences of this knowledge.

The Training Packages has recently been improved to include in-app reporting tools, enhanced gaming and many other bug fixes to ensure it is a robust and engaging platform. The UV pens have also undergone a considerable over haul with vastly improved long term performance.

The Clinell Training package is available to all Clinell users for FREE so contact your local sales rep or email us.



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