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8th February 2021

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Do you know someone that's gone above and beyond to keep a workplace clean? Well, they could be our Clinell Cleaning Hero...

In the past year, we’ve seen a lot of change. In our personal and professional lives, hygiene and cleanliness have been in the spotlight. But some people have taken their duties above and beyond what was expected of them. People from different walks of life have taken it upon themselves to keep not only customers safe but also their co-workers, friends and family.

That is why we want to acknowledge and appreciate the effort these heroes have put into protecting all of us throughout 2020. We’ve decided to launch Clinell Cleaning Heroes, a campaign to thank these people for the phenomenal work they’ve done, from implementing safety measures in the workplace; or staying well past their shifts to make sure their work environment is as clean as it can be.

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So, who exactly is a Clinell Cleaning Hero?

It could be a waitress at your local restaurant scrubbing down tables and chairs withdisinfectant, long after their customers have left. Or perhaps a teacher that spent their lunch breaks cleaning classrooms to help keep students safe throughout the day. This person could work in delivery services, a supermarket, community healthcare or hospitality, it's anyone you know that has gone the extra mile to keep us all safe.

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We'd like to say thank you to someone you think has been a hero this year, and to share their story about how hard they have worked to ensure peoples safety. These stories can inspire and encourage all of us to go the extra mile in our own lives and that’s just as important as recognising those who have and continue to do so.

To those people who have done an outstanding job in 2020, from everyone here at GAMA Healthcare: sincerely, thank you.

How to nominate your Clinell Cleaning Hero:

To nominate your Clinell Cleaning Hero, simply visit our website and fill out a nominee form for a chance to win your nominee a £1,000 prize and yourself a year’s supply of Clinell Universal Wipes. Our competition is running from 08.02.2021 until 07.03.21. You can find more information about the terms and conditions on our website.

Help spread awareness about Clinell Cleaning Heroes, by posting your nomination on social media using #ClinellCleaningHeroes; but please remember to keep your nominees name a secret, don't spoil the surprise!

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