Better cleansing: safer catheterisations

          Cleansing using 0.1% Chlorhexidine

          A multi-centre study in Australia found that replacing saline with 0.1% chlorhexidine resulted in a highly significant reduction in CAUTI.

          Meatal cleansing using 0.1% chlorhexidine


          94% reduction in CAUTI

          Three hospitals in Australia took part in the study with over 90,000 admissions per year. The stepped-wedge design meant that all groups were exposed to both the control and intervention to examine the effect of a change in product.


          No change in practice needed

          The intervention consisted solely of a change in cleansing agent. There was no additional training or change in method. This shows that the change to 0.1% chlorhexidine was the only driver for the reduction in CAUTI.


          Cost saving intervention

          Further analysis showed that switching to 0.1% chlorhexidine would save those hospitals AUD $387,909 per 100,000 catheterisations and release 282 bed days.

          Replacing current processes

          HEXI CATH sachets consist of sterile pre-impregnated wipes, replacing the need for gauze, plastic gallipot and sachet of solution.



          The world’s first sterile chlorhexidine wipe

          Chlorhexidine is a trusted antimicrobial agent, effective against a broad range of microorganisms. However, common sterilisation methods (such as heat or radiation) cause the chlorhexidine compound to break down, losing its antimicrobial properties. Until now, no-one has been able to produce a sterile chlorhexidine wipe product and realise the clinical benefits.

          HEXI CATH

          We developed a unique, patented way to sterilise chlorhexidine. Our pre-impregnated wipes are designed to be used safely as part of the aseptic cleansing procedure of the urethral meatus prior to catheterisation.


          Two HEXI CATH sachets contain four sterile wipes, replacing the need for sachet of solution, gauze and plastic gallipot. Cleanses and protects. Super soft to enhance patient comfort.

          Product code: HC50

          How to use
          How to use

          Method 1 - Drop into a sterile field: Set up your sterile field with all your equipment ready to use, open two sachets of HEXI CATH and drop the four sterile wipes into the sterile field using an aseptic technique.


          Method 2 - Present to nurse: Put on your PPE, set up your sterile field and when your sterile field is ready, take four sterile HEXI CATH wipes aseptically from your assistant to cleanse the meatal area.


          Method 3 - Present in sterile field: HEXI CATH has been designed to be included into urinary procedure kits. You are able to open two HEXI CATH sachets, and remove four wipes with your sterile gloves when performing your urinary catheter procedure.

          GAMA Healthcare provides excellent service and their organisation-wide training programme is especially commendable.

          Natalie Vaughan, Clinical Lead, Infection Prevention and Control, Nottingham University Hospitals

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