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Chlorhexidine Bathing Range


Chlorhexidine Bathing Range

Skin-friendly, one-step antimicrobial patient bathing products. Provide up to six hours of residual protection.

Effective antimicrobial bathing range providing the perfect solution for pre-admission or ITU. Proven to reduce the risk of acquisition of MDROs, Clinell’s Chlorhexidine Bathing products improve patient cleanliness, help to limit the transfer of pathogens and provide an extra level of protection lasting up to six hours.

Product line
Product line
ProductProduct codesNHSSCBunzl code
Chlorhexidine Shampoo CapCHGSC1VJT266-
Chlorhexidine Wash GlovesCHGWGL8MRA239-
Chlorhexidine Wash ClothsCHGWC8UKVJT664Z6CHGW8UK
Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths (box of 12 packs)CHGWC8VJT406-



Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths 8

Antiseptic cleansing cloths. Residual protection for up to six hours.


Chlorhexidine Wash Gloves 8

Unique antiseptic cleansing gloves, providing antimicrobial barrier.


Chlorhexidine Shampoo Cap

Our revolutionary rinse-free shampoo cap with added protection of chlorhexidine.


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Are you interested in implementing chlorhexidine bathing in your organisation? We'd love to tell you more about antiseptic bathing and other rinse-free bathing solutions. To find out more, get in touch using the contact form.

GAMA Healthcare provides excellent service and their organisation-wide training programme is especially commendable.

Natalie Vaughan, Clinical Lead, Infection Prevention and Control, Nottingham University Hospitals

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