Join the Clean Between campaign

Help make shared equipment safer. Promote best practice to break the chain of infection, support infection prevention professionals and protect patients.

Clean Between

Clean Between is an initiative designed to highlight the importance of cleaning shared equipment between each use. We encourage everyone to 'Clean Between', to protect patients and break the chain of infection. Effective routine decontamination of shared equipment and frequently touched surfaces is an essential activity that protects patients, staff and visitors from healthcare associated infections.

As part of the campaign we offer healthcare professionals resources to implement this initiative across their hospitals.

The 'Clean Between' assets offer great support to IPC teams, nurses and facility managers, who are putting great effort into improving patients' safety

*New* Clean Between Each Vaccine resources

Digital resource pack with A4 posters and A5 postcards promoting correct surface and equipment care to prevent spread of infection.

Clean Between Resource Pack

Download our digital pack of 6 handy posters, ready to print and display across your hospital, to raise awareness and get everyone to ‘Clean Between’.

We saw a 55% reduction in MRSA acquisitions.