Instant patient isolation

A revolutionary solution for patient flow

Avoid bed and bay closures by increasing patient isolation capabilities with Rediroom.

Create safe spaces

Rediroom provides additional isolation space for patients under contact and droplet precautions including influenza, norovirus, MRSA, CPE, and C. diff. Equipping hospitals with a new way to isolate infectious patients, while reducing the risk of bay closures as a result of single infected patients.

Isolate in multi-bed bays

Mobile and fully operational in 5 minutes, Rediroom helps healthcare professionals isolate patients to deliver care wherever and whenever needed. Rediroom transforms from a PPE cart to an HEPA air-filtered temporary isolation room to isolate single patients within multi-bed wards.

Case study 1: Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust

Spread across 10 wards and 8 sites, healthcare professionals at Norfolk Community are using Rediroom to react to outbreaks to avoid closing whole bays.

Case study 2: North Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust

In 2020, 30 Redirooms were implemented across a large network of hospitals’ admission wards. The number of hospital-onset COVID-19 cases fell immediately.

Case study 3: Journal of Hospital Infection

Researchers constructed a financial model that evaluated the impact of temporary isolation units within the NHS. Rediroom was found to be a cost-effective solution.

A view of the world's first mobile patient isolation unit

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GAMA Healthcare’s team of Rediroom Specialists are available to support you and your hospital with your patient isolation demand.


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