Clinell Universal supports ‘Gloves Off’

Help make healthcare kinder to the planet – one glove at a time

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The NHS and Royal College of Nursing (RCN)’s Glove Awareness campaign is designed to highlight the role of hand hygiene and, importantly, when gloves aren’t needed. When used correctly, medical gloves are vital to delivering safe care as part of your personal protective equipment (PPE). However, like other items of PPE, you only need to wear them when necessary and going ‘Gloves Off’ can help make healthcare more sustainable.

To support our NHS and the RCN, Clinell Universal is supporting the ‘Gloves Off’ campaign. Effective routine decontamination of shared equipment and frequently touched surfaces is an essential activity that protects those delivering and receiving care from healthcare-associated infections (HCAI). We’re keen to ensure PPE is being used when and where necessary!

As part of the campaign, we offer healthcare professionals resources to help spread the word across their hospitals.

Clinell Universal’s ‘Gloves Off’ assets offer support to IPC teams, nurses and facilities managerswho are already putting a great effort into delivering safe, sustainable healthcare.

Single-use gloves aren’t required for routine decontamination with Clinell Universal Wipes.

How you can get involved

New 'Gloves Off' resources

Download our digital resource pack with A4 posters and information leaflet to help raise awareness within your organisation.

Royal College of Nursing

Helping you raise awareness of appropriate glove use in your hospital.

Speak to a specialist

GAMA's team are available to support you and your organisation with your environmental decontamination challenges and enquiries.


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