Clinell Universal Range

The proven choice for cleaning and disinfection

Our patented 2-in-1 detergent and disinfectant formulation provides hospital-grade protection that you can trust. Designed for real-world use, the Clinell Universal Range includes a variety of products helping you reduce the risk of infection.

Clinell Universal Range

Ideal for everyday cleaning and disinfection. Effective from 10 seconds. Kills >99.99% of known causes of infections: bacteria, enveloped viruses, mycobacteria and fungi.

Since 2006, we have been making cleaning and disinfection easier without compromising efficacy. Formatting our unique formulation into a variety of products, the Clinell Universal Range provides real-world infection prevention solutions.

Clinell Universal is effective against COVID-19 virus in 30 seconds.

Universal excellence

Universal excellence1

One step cleaning & disinfection

Containing detergents and disinfectants, Clinell Universal saves time and removes the need for multiple products.

Universal excellence2

Kills >99.99% of pathogens

Clinell Universal’s highly efficacious formulation kills more than 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses.

Universal excellence3

Damage-free disinfection

Hospital-grade disinfection that’s safe for your surfaces, Clinell Universal is compatible with metals, rubbers and plastic.

Effective Against Test Kill Time
SARS-CoV-2 EN 14476 30 sec
Adenovirus EN 14476 60 sec
Influenza H5N1 EN 14476 30 sec
Hepatitis B ASTM E1052 60 sec
Hepatitis C EN 14476 60 sec
HIV EN 14476 30 sec
Measles (Canine distemper virus) EN 14476 60 sec
MERS-CoV EN 14476 60 sec
Mumps (rubulavirus) EN 14476 60 sec
Murine coronavirus EN 14476 30 sec
Murine hepatitis virus EN 14476 30 sec
Norovirus EN 14476 60 sec
Rotavirus EN 14476 60 sec
Vaccinia virus EN 14476
EN 16615
EN 16777
15 sec
60 sec
15 sec
Acinetobacter baumannii EN 13727 10 sec
Burkholderia cepacia EN 13727 10 sec
Enterococcus faecalis EN 13727 10 sec
Enterococcus faecium EN 13727 10 sec
Enterococcus hirae EN 13727
EN 16615
10 sec
10 sec
Escherichia coli K12 EN 13727 10 sec
Klebsiella pneumoniae EN 13727 10 sec
Klebsiella pneumoniae (CPE) EN 13727 10 sec
Legionella pneumophila EN 13727 60 sec
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus EN 13727 10 sec
Pseudomonas aeruginosa EN 13727
EN 16615
10 sec
10 sec
Salmonella typhimurium EN 13727 60 sec
Serratia marsescens EN 13727 10 sec
Staphylococcus aureus EN 13727
EN 16615
10 sec
10 sec
Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecium (VRE) EN 13727 10 sec
Vancomycin resistant Enterococci (VRE) EN 13727 60 sec
Mycobacterium bovis EN 14348 120 sec
Fungi (yeast)
Candida albicans EN 13624
EN 16615
60 sec
10 sec
Candida auris EN 13624 10 sec
Candida auris Japanese clade EN 13624
EN 13624
10 sec
10 sec
Candida auris South African clade EN 13624 10 sec
Candida auris South Korean clade EN 13624 10 sec
Veterinary organisms
Bordetella bronchiseptica EN 1656 60 sec
Candida albicans EN 1657 60 sec
Enterococcus hirae EN 1656 60 sec
Leptospira interrogans EN 1656 60 sec
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius EN 1656 60 sec
Proteus vulgaris EN 1656 60 sec
Pseudomonas aeruginosa EN 13727
EN 16615
10 sec
10 sec
Staphylococcus aureus EN 13727
EN 16615
10 sec
10 sec
Product Product code NHSSC
Universal Wipes 40 CW40 VJT119
Universal Wipes Clip Pack 50 CWCP50 VJT253
Universal Wipes 70 CW70R -
Universal Wipes Adhesive Back 50 CWAB50 VJT518
Universal Tub 100 CWTUB100 VJT223
Universal Tub Refill 100 CWTUB100R VJT224
Universal Wipes 200 CW200 VJT118
Universal Bucket 225 CWBUC225 VJT190
Universal Bucket Refill 225 CWBUC225R VJT192
Universal Spray 60 CDS60 -
Universal Spray 500 CDS500 -
Universal Wipes 100 BCW100 -
Universal Wipes 200 BCW200 -
Universal Wall Mounted Dispenser CWD -

Do I need to wear gloves?

Aligned to the NHS ‘The gloves are off!’ Campaign, wearing gloves or other PPE is not a requirement based on the safety profile of the formulation used in Clinell Universal Wipes. Clinell Universal Wipes offer a very safe product where the user is not required to wear gloves for routine use but local risk assessment should assess if gloves are required for prolonged usage or for users with very sensitive skin. If you have any queries, please reach our to your Area Manager or email

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Are Clinell products effective against coronavirus?

The Clinell Universal Range, Clinell Peracetic Wipes, and Clinell Clorox Wipes have all been tested against strains of coronavirus and proven effective. Find out more here.

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Are Clinell Universal Wipes effective against the new UK and South African variants of coronavirus?

Yes. The changes in the new variants are very small mutations in their surface proteins. Whilst that has a big impact on how they affect the human body, it doesn’t give them increased resistance to disinfectants. Clinell Universal Wipes kill the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in 30 seconds on surfaces.

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Why does it have a single use symbol on a pack of multiple wipes?

Each individual wipe is single use. This prevents the transfer of pathogens between surfaces or from one medical device to another.

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What different formats are available for this product?

A variety of formats are available: Clinell Universal Buckets 225 (CWBUC225), Clinell Universal Bucket Refills 225 (CWBUC225R), Clinell Universal Clip Packs 50 (CWCP50), Clinell Universal Spray 60ml (CDS60), Clinell Universal Spray 500ml (CDS500), Clinell Universal Spray 750ml (CDS750), Clinell Universal Tubs 100 (CWTUB100), Clinell Universal Tub refills 100 (CWTUB100R), Clinell Universal Wipes 200 (CW200), Clinell Universal Wipes 40 (CW40) and Clinell Universal Wipe Adhesive Back 50 (CWAB50).

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What are the active ingredients in Clinell Universal Wipes?

The formulation in Clinell Universal Wipes is a patented, antimicrobial solution developed by GAMA's Research & Development Department. It contains multiple different biocides including two quaternary ammonium compounds and one polymeric biguanide designed to work synergistically. The effectiveness of the biocides is increased by many multiples when they are used together. This, in turn, ensures that the wipe has wide antimicrobial activity and a high kill count. In addition, the wipe contains surfactant (to act as a detergent) and a chelating agent.

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What does the term "contact time" mean?

"Contact time" is the time required for the disinfectant to act on pathogens. Essentially: how long it takes for the disinfectant to work. With liquid disinfectants, the contact time requires the disinfectant to remain wet on the surface in order for it to work effectively. The contact time can vary depending on the micro-organisms involved.

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Does the mechanical action of the wipe play an important part in the disinfection process?

The mechanical action of wiping removes soil and bioburden allowing the disinfectant to reach the surface and kill any remaining microorganisms directly. The bioburden that remains on the wipe is killed by the disinfectant that remains on the wipe.

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Where can Universal Wipes be used?

Universal Wipes are safe to be used on all surfaces. They will not damage rubbers, plastics or metals. Though alcohol-based wipes tend to damage materials after prolonged use, our patented, pH neutral formula ensures that this will not occur with Clinell Universal Wipes. Alongside surfaces, Universal Wipes can be used on all non-invasive medical devices. If you are unsure about whether the wipes are suitable to use on a particular object or surface please call a member of our sales team, who will be happy to assist. Always follow medical equipment manufacturer's cleaning procedures and guidelines.

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Where was the testing conducted for this wipe?

The tests mentioned have been conducted at various UK and European university accredited laboratories, according to test methods outlined by the European Union. All results are validated.

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Are there any special disposal requirements?

Used wipes should be disposed of in the clinical waste bin as per your infection control policy. Maceratable Wipes can be disposed of in a macerator.

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Have Clinell Universal Wipes been tested against COVID-19?

Clinell Universal Wipes have been proven effective against the exact strain of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in 30 seconds. They've been tested according to the EN14476 test method by an accredited, third-party laboratory.

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Do Clinell Universal Wipes comply with UK national guidance about COVID-19?

UK national guidance for healthcare professionals specifically mentions chlorine as a disinfectant. This is because chlorine has long been seen as the 'de facto' disinfectant within UK healthcare. The guidance recommends using alternative disinfectants if they are agreed with the local Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) team and proven effective against enveloped viruses. Clinell Universal Wipes are effective against enveloped viruses according to EN14476. In addition, Clinell Universal Wipes are proven effective against the exact coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in 30 seconds, according to EN14476. As long as they are agreed with your local IPC team, Clinell Universal Wipes are perfectly compliant with UK national guidance.

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Why is the product referred to as a Universal Wipe?

The wipes function as both disinfectant and detergent. They can also be used on all surfaces and all ward-based equipment.

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Why is it important to clean in addition to disinfecting?

Dirt creates a barrier between a surface and the disinfectant on the wipe therefore prevents the surface from being disinfected. Clinell Universal Wipes are designed to remove both dirt and disinfect at the same time meaning detergent and disinfectant wipes no longer need to be bought as two separate products.

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Does using disinfectants increase the chance of resistance occurring with pathogens?

No, there is no risk of resistance occurring due to long-term use. This is because Universal delivers a high concentration of multiple different biocides each of which uses a differing mechanism of action, preventing resistance.

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Why is the kill count important to know?

Apart from how fast it takes a disinfectant to work (i.e. contact time), it is also important to determine how many of a particular microorganism have been killed. A fast contact time would count for nothing if it allowed the majority of the microorganisms to remain active. This reduction in microorganisms or “kill count” is expressed in a log form. Put simply, the log number is the number of 9s expressed in a percentage reduction. For example: 2 log reduction is 99%, 4 log reduction is 99.99% and so on. Clinell Universal Wipes have demonstrated a 5 log kill count (99.999%) for most pathogens in the contact time specified.

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Does the wipe retain some of the disinfectant?

Generally, wipe materials contain certain molecules that can hold and lock the wipe formulation into the wipe itself, preventing release. In other words, the disinfectant liquid that is put into a wipe is not the same as when extracted off a wipe. Therefore, testing must be carried out on the run off from the wipe rather than the formulation itself. GAMA Healthcare is one of the very few companies to ensure that the accredited laboratories who complete our independent testing do so on the run off from the wipes.

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What products do these wipes replace?

Universal Wipes are able to replace all detergent and disinfectant surface wipes (except for Peracetic Acid Wipes) and by doing so will help standardise wipe usage in a hospital, saving time, money and preventing confusion about the type of wipe required for each cleaning task. They are also able to replace medical device wipes (for use on non-invasive medical devices).

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What are the wall-mounted dispensers?

These are colour-coded, plastic or wire dispensers that can be attached to hospital walls and are designed to hold the large flow wrap packs, tubs and buckets of Clinell Universal Wipes. Wall-mounted dispensers are available free-of-charge to all NHS hospitals in the UK. Installation (arranged through the GAMA Healthcare Sales Team) is also free of charge. Extra dispensers can be ordered directly through GAMA Healthcare as part of our comprehensive customer support package.

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How would you summarise the benefits of Clinell Universal Wipes?

As the name suggests, Clinell Universal Wipes have a wide range of applications. Not only are they a single-step detergent and disinfectant wipe but they are suitable for all ward-based surfaces and all non-invasive medical devices. This allows hospitals to replace multiple products, saving money and simplifing their infection prevention policies. The wipes have a broad range of antimicrobial activity and are able to kill many pathogens within a very fast contact time and with a very high kill count. The efficacy of the wipes is backed-up by an extensive data package. Finally, purchases of Clinell Universal Wipes come with a fantastic customer support package including: custom-made posters and patient information leaflets; free wall-mounted dispensers (installed free-of-charge); comprehensive ward-based training by experienced infection control trainers; and a tablet-based training package.

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Clinell Universal Product Range

Best-selling products offering protection from infection in one simple step.


To support our NHS and the RCN, Clinell Universal is supporting the ‘Gloves Off’ campaign.

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