Our products are used in 9 out of 10 NHS hospitals

Designed by doctors to protect healthcare professionals and patients

Combining innovative technology with ease of use, our products provide healthcare professionals with the most effective solutions available. Our products are clinically proven to prevent infections by killing viruses and bacteria.

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Resources for clinicians

Digital resources to promote best practice and provide educational support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed in collaboration with leading Infection Prevention and Control specialists. The packs can be easily downloaded and they are ready to print, share and use however you need, to raise awareness and educate your staff.

Training & services

GAMA Healthcare customers have access to our suite of dedicated aftercare services, including dispenser installation, access to our online training and auditing software and in person training sessions, delivered by our expert IPC nurses. We also provide a Rapid Response environmental decontamination service, giving you peace of mind with your terminal clean.

Exceptional compatibility

Material compatibility is vitally important. Our surface-friendly formulations give you unbeatable clinical efficacy, without damaging your equipment. Verified compatibility with over 50 manufacturers and 100 pieces of equipment, widely used across hospitals and other healthcare settings.

How to buy

If you’re interested in purchasing Clinell products for your organisation, please get in touch with us. Or, if applicable, speak to your procurement team.