Isolate anywhere

Additional single isolation space

Rediroom can be deployed in 5 minutes to provide additional isolation capacity for wards with limited single rooms.

Engineered for any space

Two different canopy sizes, both designed to work with one frame. Depending on the space, Rediroom can be configured to allow for additional space around the foot of the bed. For compact spaces, the small canopy fits comfortably in tight spaces.

Revolutionary construction, rugged design

An 8-year collaboration between clinicians, industrial designers and infection prevention experts. Rediroom conforms to multi-national guidelines and seamlessly integrates into local protocols to increase patient isolation capacities.

What precautions is Rediroom suitable for?

Rediroom is suitable for isolating patients with a known or suspected infection which requires them to be placed under contact or droplet precautions.
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What grade is the HEPA filter?

The HEPA filter is a single H14 filter. That means it filters out 99.995% of particles down to 0.3 microns (0.0003 millimetres). For comparison, that's more efficient than an N95 respirator and small enough to trap individual bacteria. Whilst individual virus particles are smaller than 0.3 microns, viruses don't typically exist on their own in the air. For viruses spread via droplets, you'll find them within droplets larger than 0.5 microns, allowing the HEPA filter to trap them, making Rediroom suitable for droplet precautions.
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What is the Rediroom canopy made of?

The canopy is composed of a high-quality HEPA filter, windows and walls. The walls are made of material similar to a tent. It is designed to withstand daily disinfection using quaternary ammonium compounds, hydrogen peroxide or 1,000ppm chlorine cloths. It is also flame retardant.
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What are the internal dimensions?

The extended frame is 2,420mm wide x 2,920mm deep.

What is the lifespan of the Rediroom frame?

The frame should achieve a durability of 10 years of normal use.

What design patents is Rediroom protected by?

Rediroom is protected by the following Patent and Registered Design Applications: ZL201380049414.7 Z…
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What infections can Rediroom be used for?

Example microorganisms include: influenza, diphtheria, mumps, pertussis, meningococcus, norovirus, aspergillus adenovirus, rotavirus, group A streptococcus, MRSA, C. difficile, gastroenteritis of unknown aetiology, CPE, MDR Gram-negative microorganisms and other infections requiring droplet or contact precautions.
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How many air changes are there?

There are 12 air changes per hour.

What are the dimensions of the canopies?

Rediroom can be configured to work with two canopy sizes Rediroom Canopy Large (REDICAN1) or Rediroom Canopy Small (REDICAN-S40). Both canopies have the same height and width, but Rediroom Canopy Small (REDICAN-S40) has a shorter depth (by 400mm).

Rediroom Canopy Large (REDICAN1): External Dimensions: H: 2120mm x W: 2770mm x D: 3440mm Internal Dimensions: H: 2100mm x W: 2400mm x D: 2900mm

Rediroom Canopy Small (REDICAN-S40): External Dimensions: H: 2120mm x W: 2770mm x D: 3040mm Internal dimensions: H: 2100mm x W: 2400mm x D: 2500mm
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How can the PPE cart be customised?

By default it will include alcoves to dispense 3 sizes of gloves, Clinell Universal Wipes 200, Clinell Hand Sanitising Gel and disposable aprons.
There is also space to add: safety glasses x10 and a box of disposable surgical masks.
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Product Code NHSSC
Rediroom Cart REDI1UK MFB1148
Rediroom Canopy (Standard) REDICAN1 MLE1619
Rediroom Canopy (Small) REDICAN-S40 MLE1620
Rediroom can be setup in 5 minutes. The numbered decals help guide you through setup. Setup begins with decal 1 and the highest number is decal 13. Before you start to setup, you'll first need to move the Rediroom to the bedside and load in a Rediroom canopy.

Rediroom should be decontaminated between each patient use, at regular intervals, after blood or body fluid contamination, before servicing or repair and before disposal. Decal A is used to collapse the canopy. We recommend disinfection with Clinell Universal Wipes or Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes as needed, but full disinfectant compatibility can be found in the Rediroom product manual.

After cleaning, Rediroom can be packed down in 5 minutes. The letter decals on the machine will help guide you through the pack down steps. Because decal A is used to collapse the canopy before cleaning, pack down begins with decal B and ends with decal O.

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