Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Everything you need to know

Formerly known as ‘2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV),’ this is an emerging disease caused by a viral strain similar to those that cause ‘Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV)’ and the 2003 SARS coronavirus.

Resources for clinicians

Raise awareness, educate staff and promote best practice with our coronavirus digital resources. Developed with our in-house team of Infection Prevention and Control specialists.

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Clinell products kill coronavirus

Our Clinell Universal are proven to kill the COVID-19 coronavirus in 30 seconds. Tested against the actual coronavirus that causes COVID-19, not surrogates.

Prevention over treatment

There’s no specific treatment for coronavirus, which means prevention is vital. We can’t treat the infection, but we can kill the virus.

What is 'COVID-19?'

COVID-19 is the new official name for the disease caused by the coronavirus first described in late 2019. The name comes from (COronaVIrus Disease 2019). This novel coronavirus causes symptoms very similar to pneumonia. Unfortunately, because it's caused by a virus, it can't be treated by antibiotics.

The virus itself has been named SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2), because of genetic similarities to the virus that caused SARS in 2003.

Previously, it was known as ‘2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).’

How does it spread?

We know this new strain of coronavirus spreads from human to human. Like other coronaviruses, evidence suggests that it spreads through a mix of direct contact and via droplets released when coughing and sneezing. Although reports now suggest that transmission might happen even if the infected person doesn't have any symptoms.

Coronavirus contaminates surfaces

We know that infectious human coronaviruses are found in our everyday environments. If the conditions are right, they can persist for days!


Which GAMA products kill coronavirus?

Good hand and surface hygiene means we need products with proven efficacy. These Clinell wipes are proven by accredited, third-party labs to be effective against coronavirus.


Make surfaces safe. Our Clinell Universal Wipes are proven effective against the exact COVID-19 coronavirus.


Our Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes are fully virucidal. Proven effective against coronavirus in just 1 minute. Previously known as Clinell Sporicidal Wipes.

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Coronavirus: a lecture by Martin Kiernan

Martin gives a fantastic overview of the COVID-19 pandemic for healthcare workers. Find out what you need to know to help stop the spread.