Our strategy

We want to share our knowledge of infection prevention to build a better world.

At GAMA, we understand that we have a responsibility not just to our customers but to our employees and to the world at large.

We're committed to providing high quality products which consistently work as advertised in reducing pathogens and stopping the spread of infection in sensitive environments.

We are mindful of the way in which our operations (from manufacturing to processing and distribution) effect the natural world and constantly aim to minimise this impact through new and innovate means. We take seriously our position as experts in the field of infection prevention and control and thus seek to share our knowledge at every available opportunity with the ultimate aim of building a better world for everyone.


Wherever possible our products are made with natural, fully-biodegradable materials in an effort to reduce waste.

We encourage environmental best practice in every area of our business and within our supply chain. As well as conducting frequent audits to ensure our high standards are met, we constantly look for new ways to reduce our impact on the natural world.

Whilst patient safety will always be paramount, we share concerns about the future of our planet. We champion single-use wipes because they are the best way of protecting patients and creating a safe healthcare environment. However, wherever possible, we look to use sustainable materials in their construction.

GAMA Healthcare is actively engaged in research activities that will help to further reduce our environmental footprint whilst producing effective infection control products. Our Detergent Wipes Range uses a patented cleaning formulation derived from renewable plant sources and the wipes themselves are fully biodegradable. We're using the technologies developed and the lessons learnt to improve our other product lines, reduce our use of plastics and decrease wastage.

Social impact

Alongside our commitment to the environment and our guarantees of product quality, we consistently strive to act as good corporate citizens.

Outwardly, we work with our customers to provide training and education to help promote best practice and keep patients safe. We train thousands of healthcare professionals every year, free of charge, to help make healthcare environments safer for everyone.

Closer to home, we maintain a safe, pleasant, respectful and working environment in each of our offices and facilities. We're committed to equal opportunity, open communication and the development of our people.



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