Former International CEO agrees relationship with GAMA Healthcare


15th September 2020

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Infection prevention has never been more important. At GAMA, preventing the spread of infection has been our mission for the last 15 years. Now it’s a part of how we all live our lives.

We started this company as two young doctors, looking for a way to make things safer for our patients. We had no idea our Clinell Universal Wipes would be used by 9 out of 10 NHS hospitals, or that our products would help prevent infections in over 60 countries.

Today we’re a little older but our purpose is still the same: we help prevent infections to save and improve lives.

We’re lucky to have an incredible team across the globe. Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, they’ve worked tirelessly with us to get essential disinfectants to the places that need it most. We were able to donate tens of thousands of packs to the NHS, care homes and frontline charities.

COVID-19 has shown us that our products aren’t just vital to healthcare. There are people, organisations and businesses in the community who also need clinically proven disinfectants, sanitisers and infection prevention solutions. If we can prevent the spread of infection within our community, we can help ease the burden on our healthcare services.

If we’re going to do that, if we’re going to meet that increased demand, we need to strengthen our existing teams, processes and infrastructure. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome David Woodward as a Board Business Advisory Consultant and CEO Mentor.

David has over 30 years’ experience in senior leadership roles with a host of international companies, including Mars, Coca-Cola, P&G and Heinz. His last corporate role was CEO of Heinz North America, a company with over $4 billion sales and over 8500 employees. His experience will be invaluable as we look to the next stage of GAMA’s journey.

“I’m immensely impressed by the spirit at GAMA. There’s a real sense that people come to work to help stop infections. What we need to do is make sure the company is set up for massive growth.”

“In the UK at least, we’re passing the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The team have done extraordinary work to help support and protect frontline workers. We just need to make sure we have the right plans and processes in place to deal with what comes next.”

“It’s rare that you get a chance to be involved with a company that’s so relevant. With such an important role in improving lives.”

The next 12 months will transform the way all of us live our lives. If we want to continue to help people, GAMA needs to transform with it. We’re fortunate to be able to work with someone like David – someone with enormous experience supporting companies undergoing rapid expansion – to make that transformation possible. The next stage of the GAMA journey will be full of challenges but, with the right team, we’ll be ready to meet them.

If you’re interested in joining us, David and the rest of the GAMA family on that journey, pleasehave a look at our opportunities here.



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