Infection Prevention Society Conference 2022 – A poster retrospective from Dr Phillip Norville


21st October 2022

Events and Exhibitions

It was fantastic to see a variety of posters on display at the Infection Prevention Conference 2022 (IP2022) in Bournemouth, covering a range of topics within Infection Prevention and Control, including outbreak management and environmental decontamination. Additionally, several posters were presented on research and interventions which featured GAMA products.

Staff feedback following the installation of Rediair to improve air quality

The infection prevention and control (IPC) team from Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust in the West Midlands presented a qualitative study on Rediair, GAMA’s HEPA 14 air filtration device. Following an evaluation of air quality throughout the Trust, 134 Rediair units were purchased and installed.

After installation, a qualitative survey was conducted to gather staff perception and feedback on Rediair. 96% of staff surveyed agreed that the introduction of Rediair improved staff and patient safety, whilst 100% of staff agreed the purchase of Rediair showed the Trust was committed to improving ventilation. You can read more about the Trust’s work to improve ventilation in an interview with the Trust’s Head of IPC, Amy Wallett.

Read the interview: A breath of fresh air: how Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust protected staff & patients with Rediair

The impact of Clinell Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths and Carell Bedbath Wipes on a CPE outbreak

King’s College Hospital in London described an outbreak of Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) which coincided with the COVID pandemic. The cause of the outbreak was linked to multiple factors, including the inappropriate use of gloves and the cleanliness of both the equipment and the environment. Following the outbreak, one of the hospital’s interventions included the introduction of Clinell Chlorhexidine Washcloths and Carell Bedbath Wipes to replace disposable wash bowls, soap and water.

Implementing Clinell products resulted in a significant reduction in the number of CPE cases, with the authors hypothesising that the wipes interrupted the chain of transmission associated with sinks and wash bowls.

Patient and staff feedback was also positive, with 75% of patients and 84% of staff reporting they would recommend the wipes to others. You can read more about the impact of other GAMA products that support waterless bathing in our Waterless Bathing: Benefits & Implementation challenges article.

Related article: Sink drains as a risk for CPE

Switching from chlorine to Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes for commode decontamination

A trial which evaluated the impact of Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes following a period of increased incidence of Clostridioides difficle was presented by the IPC team from University Hospitals Dorset.

The trial involved switching from a chlorine-based wipe to Clinell, supported by education and training from the GAMA Healthcare training team.

Introduction of Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes saw an 82% reduction in the number of wipes required to clean commodes in the two wards where the evaluation occurred.

The cleanliness of commodes was also higher (assessed by visual inspection) when using Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes, and the time required to decontaminate commodes was also reduced.

Find out more: Peracetic Acid Wipes mode of action and efficacy against biofilms.

A comparative evaluation of HEPA-based air decontamination systems

Jon Otter and the team from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital (GSST) presented a study which assessed four different air filtration systems, of which GAMA Healthcare’s HEPA14 air purification device, Rediair, was one. The study assessed various parameters, including noise, airflow and reduction in particle counts. Rediair demonstrated a reduction in particle counts (at various particle sizes from 0.3 um – 10 um). Further work from the group at GSST will assess the impact of the systems on microbiological air quality.

There were so many fantastic posters presented at IP this year (too many to mention here), including the use of ultraviolet markers to assess and improve environmental cleaning and disinfection. Another discussed antimicrobial coatings to enhance floor cleaning and disinfection, and another showed the reduction in time taken for terminal cleaning using ultraviolet light compared to hydrogen peroxide.

This year’s IP conference was great, and we are already looking forward to IP conference in 2023!

If you would like to know more about some of the innovative products discussed above, such as Clinell Peracetic Acid WipesRediair or even other IPC solutions like our renowned Clinell Universal Range, visit our website at



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