Instant air purification

          Clean air where & when you need it. Rediair gives you instant protection from aerosols without constructing a traditional, integrated HVAC system.

          Rediair makes poorly ventilated spaces safer

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          Traps 99.995% of particles

          Rediair uses advanced HEPA 14 & activated carbon filters to trap incredibly small particles like bacteria, fungal spores, respiratory droplets and aerosols. Able to filter 1000x more particles than an N95 respirator.

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          Low noise

          Despite powerful filtration, Rediair is quieter than a conversation. Highly efficient filters allow it to remove particles without sounding like a hurricane. Day & night modes give light sleepers a chance to rest and recover.

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          Reliability & support

          Rediair is brought to you by GAMA Healthcare, infection prevention specialists. Our market-leading aftersales support and maintenance programme means Rediair will always be there when you need it.

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          Rediair Group Image - Web


          Rediair gives you instant protection from aerosols without constructing a traditional, integrated HVAC system.

          Portable HEPA filters capture droplets and aerosols from the air, reducing the opportunities for pathogens to spread.

          Air is drawn into the Rediair system and passed through a series of filters. Activated carbon pre-filters feed directly into an H14 HEPA filter. The HEPA filter traps 99.995% of particles down to 0.3μm – small enough to trap aerosols and respiratory droplets. Purified air is returned to the room.

          Available in 3 sizes – each ideal for a different size of room.

          Available only in the UK.

          Rediair one - Office Shot

          Adapt to any environment

          Suitable for any enclosed spaces, communal workplaces and consultation rooms. A flexible and portable solution. Just plug in, turn on and Rediair starts trapping aerosols right away.

          Further Information
          Further Information
          FeaturesRediair OneRediair TwoRediair Three
          Dimensions (cm)70 x 59 x 47151 x 75 x 52194 x 91 x 69
          Weight (kg)26114185
          Max Flow rate m3/h2,0001,4002,500
          PrefilterM6 carbon prefilterM6 carbon prefilterM6 carbon prefilter
          FiltrationH13 H14 up to 1,300 m3/hH14H14+ activated carbon filter
          Boost functionYesNoNo
          Nose level dB(A) at 1,000 m3/h at 1m444240
          Position in the roomClose to the souce of contaminationAlong a wall to facilitate coanda effectAlong a wall to facilitate coanda effect
          UseTrapping aerosols generated by patients or medical proceduresWhole room deconamination. Uses the coanda effect to purify air in medium size roomsWhole room deconamination. Uses the coanda effect to purify air in large rooms
          Room sizeAGP/small personal spaceMedium room 4 bed bayLarge room, clinic waiting room, large 8 bed space
          ACH / day202530
          ACH / night101515
          Boost functionYesNoNo

          Contact us for more information

          We’d love to show you how Rediair works in person. If you’d like a demonstration of Rediair – including advice about how you could implement on-demand isolation in your organisation – get in touch using the form.

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