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          Instant air filtration

          Aerosols can remain in the air for prolonged periods of time in poorly ventilated areas, increasing the risk of spreading infections.

          Rediair makes poorly ventilated spaces safer

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          10x more effective than HEPA 13

          Two carbon composite HEPA 14 filters work in tandem with the dual centrifugal intake fans to capture particulates, odours and 99.995% of airborne pathogens.

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          High clean air delivery rate

          Despite its small form factor, Rediair has an exceptionally high clean air delivery rate (CADR) of up to 600m3/h.

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          Ultra quiet

          Rediair is surprisingly quiet when in normal use. With its 4 modes of operation, Rediair is designed to decontaminate without causing distraction.

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          Rediair Image Web


          Rediair is an instant air purification device, providing clean air where & when you need it. Capturing particulates, odours and 99.995% of airborne pathogens.

          If you're wondering how to ventilate a room, Rediair provides an almost instant air purification solution.

          At the heart of Rediair is it's dual HEPA 14 and carbon filters. These filters capture 10x the particles of a domestic HEPA 13 machine. Adaptable to any situation, Rediair has 4 different operating modes that begin to decontaminate the surrounding air, within seconds.

          While capturing particulates and odours, Rediair was designed to capture airborne pathogens like bacteria, fungi & viral aerosols.

          All stock currently sold out. Pre-orders avaliable now for shipping in March 2022.

          Product Codes
          Product Codes
          Rediair Air Purifier (UK)RAIR-UK
          Rediair Air Purifier (Europe)RAIR-EU
          Rediair Replacement HEPA 14 Filter PackRAIR-S01
          Rediair Remote ControlRAIR-S02

          Contact us for more information

          We’d love to show you how Rediair works in person. If you’d like a demonstration of Rediair – including advice about how you could implement air filtration solutions in your organistaion – get in touch using the form.

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