Chlorhexidine Wash Gloves

Chlorhexidine Bathing Range

Chlorhexidine Wash Gloves 8

Skin-friendly, one-step antimicrobial patient bathing products. Provide up to six hours of residual protection.

Effective anti-microbial bathing range providing the perfect solution for pre-admission or ITU. Proven to reduce the risk of acquisition of MDROs, Clinell’s Chlorhexidine Bathing products improve patient cleanliness, help to limit the transfer of pathogens and provide an extra level of protection lasting up to six hours.

Product code: CHGWGL8


Wipe 1: Neck & torso.

Wipe 2: Back.

Wipe 3: Left arm & axilla.

Wipe 4: Right arm & axilla.

Wipe 5: Left leg and foot.

Wipe 6: Right leg and foot.

Wipe 7: Buttocks.

Wipe 8: Groin & perineum.

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