Contiplan 3-in-1 Continence Care Cloths 8

Contiplan Range

Contiplan 3-in-1 Continence Care Cloths 8

Complete skin care regime to cleanse, moisturise and protect skin affected by incontinence.

Quicker, easier and more cost-effective than traditional methods, Contiplan is a complete skincare regime designed to prevent and manage IAD.

Contiplan wipes break down dirt, urine and faeces on the skin's surface, while physically removing the excess. Meanwhile, a unique cream-based formula that each wipe is soaked in provides maximum barrier protection to skin affected by incontinence.

Product code: CON8


Wear recommended PPE.

Use cloths for all episodes of incontinence or in skin folds or other areas of concern relating to moisture. Each pack is single patient use.

Wipe from front to back towards the buttocks, in one direction. If in a skin fold, use in one direction.

Contiplan cloths should be disposed of in a clinical waste bin. Do not put the cloths in the macerator.

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