Easyclean Commode


Easyclean Commode

The UK’s number one infection prevention commode. Award-winning design. Quickly and easily dismantled for easy cleaning.

Winner of the GOOD DESIGN™ Award. Our Easyclean Commode is made of smooth, durable and non-porous plastic parts for easy wiping. It works with either pulp or plastic bedpans, can be placed over a toilet or used as a shower chair. No nuts, screws or bolts means fewer places for pathogens to hide, allowing you to get the best out of your disinfectant products.

Product code: CCOM1

How to use
How to use

Your new commode comes complete with backrest, seat, seat cover and disposable pulp bedpan tray. If using as an over the toilet chair, remove the bedpan tray.


Under the commode you have: 1. Armrests: left and right. 2. Footrests: left (L) and right (R) with corresponding frame locks. 3. Plastic bedpan tray.


Align the metal peg with recess on the armrest, slide the armrest onto hinge and carefully rotate down. Make sure not to force the arm. When fitted correctly the arm will drop down by itself – be careful of your fingers. Repeat for the other armrest.


Clip footrest from back (1) with rest pointing outwards, turn it 90º to rest pointing towards you (2), slide clip into place and turn a further 90º (3). Repeat for the other footrest.


Remove the disposable pulp bedpan tray and replace with the plastic bedpan tray. If using as an over the toilet chair, simply remove the bedpan tray.


Why are commodes important in infection control?

Commodes are frequently used in hospitals and are often used by multiple patients on a ward meaning …Read More

What prompted GAMA to launch a commode?

GAMA recognised a problem with existing commodes on the market in that they are very hard to clean a…Read More

What are the key benefits to the Clinell Easyclean Commode?

The key benefits are:

This is the easiest to clean commode on the market.

It is safe to use with c…

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What are the cautions for the Clinell Easyclean Commode?

The cautions are as follows:

The commode must be cleaned and disinfected between each use.

Take ca…

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How do I order parts or report a problem?

You can contact GAMA Healthcare should you wish to order any spare parts. Should you have a problem …Read More

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