Proven to increase cleaning compliance



A unique, innovative, completely customisable system, designed to simplify training and auditing around environmental cleanliness.

The most advanced system available for evaluating environmental cleanliness, Clinell EvaluClean is customisable to the user’s needs and proven to increase cleaning in ICUs. The system consists of fluorescent markers, fluorescent powder, UV torch and tablet pre-loaded with powerful EvaluClean audit software.

Read the instructions carefully. Unscrew the end of the torch, insert 3 x AAA batteries into the removable chamber, and rescrew cap.

Mark the areas around the room, listed on the sheet with the UV pen with a 5-10cm circle.

Invite someone into the room and ask them to clean it.

When they have finished, use the UV torch to identify the high touch points which have been missed when cleaning.

Product Product code
EvaluClean kit CUV1
EvaluClean pens CUVP6

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