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Shampoo Cap

Simple, quick and easy to use rinse-free pre-saturated shampoo cap provides the perfect way to clean and moisturise dry hair without washing.

Our revolutionary cap is designed to be used on dry hair when traditional bathing is not an option. By massaging the cap contents into the scalp it removes oil, grease and dirt leaving your hair feeling clean, soft and healthy.

Product code: PRSHMC1


Can be used un-warmed or heated. To heat pack, store in a warmer before use or microwave for 15 seconds. Microwave times may vary depending on power. Test temperature after heating and before use. Do not reheat.

Place shampoo cap over your hair ensuring it is all covered.

Massage your head all over for 2-3 minutes to make sure your hair is completely saturated.

To ensure longer hair is thoroughly washed, remove cap and work through the ends of hair.

Remove cap and towel dry if required.

Dispose of cap in bin.

Can they be warmed before use?

Yes they can. Place the whole pack in a Clinell warmer, temperatures will rise to approx 40-45 degrees. Please ensure they're not too hot before using on the skin.

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What are the caution statements associated with these products?

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep eyes closed whilst washing the face. Microwave times may vary. Wipes may be extremely hot - test temperature before use and wait if too hot. Heat a single pack at a time. Do no reheat.

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