Touch-free Hand Disinfection Wall Mounted Dispenser

Touch-free Hand Disinfection Range

Touch-free Hand Disinfection Wall Mounted Dispenser

An overlooked office necessity.

While our British scientists focused on producing an effective sanitiser, our German colleagues meticulously crafted an automated dispensing system, designed to efficiently dispense the perfect amount of hand sanitiser without a touch, ensuring that not a drop is wasted.

With a professional and simple design, this product is made to subtly blend in with an office environment as if it were part of the building itself.

Watch set-up video here >

Product code: CHDNKBBM

Rub your hands palm to palm.

Rub your fingertips into opposing palm.

Rub each thumb in opposing hand.

Can I use the Clinell Hand Disinfection instead of soap and water?

Yes, if hands look clean.

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Does the Clinell Hand Disinfection dry out the skin on your hands?

No as it is enhanced with moisturisers and utilises natural fragrances to keep hands soft and fresh.

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Is it safe to use frequently?

Yes, our product has been dermatologically tested and confirmed that our product is safe to use, even with frequent use.

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Do you offer after sales support?

Yes, please call GAMA Healthcare Customer Service on 020 7993 0030.

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What’s included in a dispenser kit?

Each kit contains the relevant dispenser (free-standing or wall-mounted) plus batteries, assembly instructions and instructions for use.

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