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Spill Wipes Range

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Spill Wipes

A revolutionary method for dealing with body fluid spills. Encourage staff compliance by making things quicker, easier and safer than ever before.

Each patented kit contains a peracetic acid-generating pad suitable for managing any type of body spill up to 350ml. This triggers an oxidative reaction within the pad itself, neutralising all pathogens. Two disinfectant wipes are included to further clean the area. Soiled wipes can then be placed back into the resealable packaging for safe disposal.

Product code: CSW1


Wear the appropriate PPE.

Tear the pack open andremove the wipes.

Side A is active and should be placed on the spill.

Place the active side (A) face down onto the spill.Leave to absorb for 30 sec.

Push down onto side B, which is plastic backed, and wipe until spill is fully absorbed.

Put the soiled wipe backinto the pack. Remove a disinfectant wipe from a sachet.

Clean the spill area in an ‘S’ shaped motion, wiping from clean to dirty.

Put soiled wipe and empty sachet back into the pack.

If required, repeat steps 7–8 with the remaining wipe. Then reseal the pack.

Dispose of the pack as hazardous waste.

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