Violet Room Sanitiser


Violet Room Sanitiser

Highly-efficient, affordable UV room sanitiser with proven efficacy against MRSA and C. diff. High-quality, user-friendly design for ultra-fast room turnaround.

Utilising UVDI technology for greater than 99.99% reduction of C. difficile spores and MRSA in minutes. Safe to use, efficient and user-friendly, Violet is the most cost-effective ultraviolet device on the market. Lightweight enough to be taken wherever it's needed, the system provides an ideal addition to a manual clean, adding only 20 minutes to standard room disinfection protocols.

Product Code - CUV360

Supplement your regular cleaning and disinfection procedures with UV light to ensure complete decontamination

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Clinically proven to kill coronavirus

Kills greater than 99.99% of microorganisms including C. difficile spores, MRSA and human coronavirus.

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Rapid room decontamination

Proven to be 5 times faster at killing C. difficile than other UV devices.

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Powerful lamp technology

The four 1.6m UV lamps are 7 times more powerful than competing lamps.

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Better by design

Lightweight and durable, Violet is easy to move around weighing only 40kg.


Can UV light stop COVID-19?

Hospitals all over the world are deploying UV light systems for the first time ever. But will UV actually help stop the spread of the virus?

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Safety: What safety features does Violet have to ensure people aren’t exposed to UV-C radiation?

There are 4 infrared motion sensors on the base to capture movement The device won’t start if people…

Read More

Safety: Do the doors need to be taped over when the machine is running?

It is not essential to tape over doors, but this can be done as an extra precaution to stop people e…Read More

Safety: What about ventilation?

No gas or toxic compounds are produced during a cycle, so ventilation and fire alarms do not need to…Read More

Efficacy: What microorganisms is Violet effective against?

The majority of microorganisms are highly susceptible to UV-C. Violet has proven efficacy against ke…Read More

Efficacy: Are there any clinical studies supporting the use of UV-C and reduction in HCAIs?

For a full list of clinical studies, please see our Violet Evidence Brochure under the ‘Resources’ t…Read More

Time: How long does Violet take to operate?

The recommendation for a hospital room is 2x 10 minute cycles in a side room, with the bed as the fo…Read More

Is the machine heavy?

Violet weights 40kg. The weight is evenly distributed across four wheels, making it easy to manoeuvr…Read More

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