GAMA Healthcare is moving to an infection prevention super hub


17th November 2020

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We’re moving! In 2021, GAMA Healthcare is moving to a brand-new infection prevention solution super hub.

To support our rapid growth, we’re reinvesting and building an amazing space that will help strengthen our existing teams, processes and infrastructure. This means, we’ll be able to do more to wipe out infection, keep people out of hospital, as well as keep the community safe at work, in schools and at home.

From a floating garden to a world-class hospital suite, here’s what you can expect to find at GAMA Healthcare’s new super hub.

Where is GAMA Healthcare moving to?

A brand-new 20,000 sq ft workspace, on the 3rd & 4th floors of the Maylands Building in the centre of Hemel Hempstead’s business district.

What will the new office be like?

Both floors have been designed with a strong emphasis on our people and priorities, with sustainability being a key focus. The 20,000 sq ft workspace will include the following:

  • An innovation treehouse
  • A floating garden
  • A central kitchen hub with bleacher seating (for meetings of up to 200 people!)
  • Creative design studio
  • Latest Poly Studio videoconferencing facilities (keeping GAMA teams connected)
  • Games area with ping pong, pool table and Xbox wall
  • A world-class hospital suite

GAMA’s world-class hospital suite

The development of this world-class hospital suite is thanks to LSI Architects, a leading healthcare architecture firm and GAMA’s Clinical Directors, both passionate about improving quality in the NHS.

It will consist of a ward environment encompassing a two-bed ward, an isolation suite (with en suite) and a utility area, where bedside equipment, such as IV stands and commodes, are cleaned. There will also be a seminar area where presentations can be hosted (virtual webinars or face-to-face education).

“We are thrilled to be able to welcome NHS staff working in infection prevention and control into our training suite in the New Year.” Yvonne Carter, Clinical Director.

Since 2016, GAMA Healthcare has trained over 32,000 NHS healthcare professionals free of charge and we hope to reach a further 10,000 NHS staff in 2021!

Why are we moving?

Our revolutionary infection prevention solution super hub (how quickly can you say it?), is to support our expected 57% increase in staff by the end of the year.

“We started this company to help keep people safe from infection within hospitals. By reinvesting, we’re able to do more to keep people out of hospital in the first place.” Dr. Guy Braverman, Managing Director and Co-Founder.

The super hub is being built to accommodate our long-term rapid growth. With a completely agile design we will transition to an entirely new way of working. Oktra (a leading office design company) are helping us make the switch to agile work practices and are responsible for the design and build of the hub.

When is GAMA Healthcare moving?

Our wonderful new infection prevention super hub is due to open in February 2021. So sit tight.

For more information about GAMA Healthcare, take a look at our What We Do page. If you’re thinking of joining our team, check out our current positions available.



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