Personal Care Wipes Clip Pack 40

Personal Care Wipes Range

Personal Care Wipes Clip Pack 40

Skin-friendly, dermatologically-tested wipes are gentle yet effective in improving patient hygiene. Our unique combination of moisturisers promotes soft, healthy skin.

Specifically developed to be gentle on skin and suitable for frequent use whilst effectively maintaining patient hygiene, Carell Personal Care Wipes contain a unique dermatologically-tested formula which is paraben, lanolin and alcohol-free. With added aloe vera extracts and Vitamin E, they moisturise skin – preventing dryness or irritation.

Product code: CPP40


Suitable for use on hands.

Suitable for use on faces.

Keep your immediate area clean, for use of surfaces.

Change wipe if it becomes dry or soiled and discard. Discard of all wipes in the appropriate waste bin.

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