Rediair filters

Medical grade, powerful HEPA 14 filters for instant air purification

Featuring a composite carbon layer, Rediair's dual HEPA 14 filters are 10x more effective than domestic HEPA 13 filters.

Rediair replacement filters

Rediair is an instant air purification device providing clean air where and when you need it, capturing particulates, odours and 99.995% of airborne pathogens.

Seconds after activation, contaminated air is drawn through 3 layers of filtration, capturing particulates as small as 0.3μm and expelling purified air back into the room, providing an exceptionally high clean air delivery rate (CADR) of up to 600m3/h.

At the heart of Rediair are two carbon composite HEPA 14 filters which are needed to deliver all the benefits of your Rediair unit, working in tandem with the dual centrifugal intake fans and easy-to-clean nylon pre-filters.

We don’t need anything fancy and convoluted we just need a small unit that will cleanse the air.

Michelle Biggins, Infection Prevention and Control Lead Nurse from ESNEFT

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