Rediroom’s design makes it easy to set up, pack down and clean. Below are a series of short videos that demonstrate each process.

If you are in the UK and your Rediroom cart isn't branded with the Rediroom logo, please refer to this page instead.

How to: Set up (video)
How to: Clean (video)
How to: Pack down (video)
How to: Set up (video)

Rediroom can be setup in 5 minutes. The numbered decals help guide you through setup. Setup begins with decal 1 and the highest number is decal 13. Before you start to setup, you'll first need to move the Rediroom to the bedside and load in a Rediroom canopy.

How to: Clean (video)

Rediroom should be decontaminated between each patient use, at regular intervals, after blood or body fluid contamination, before servicing or repair and before disposal. Decal A is used to collapse the canopy. We recommend disinfection with Clinell Universal Wipes or Clinell Sporicidal Wipes as needed, but full disinfectant compatibility can be found in the Rediroom product manual.

How to: Pack down (video)

After cleaning, Rediroom can be packed down in 5 minutes. The letter decals on the machine will help guide you through the pack down steps. Because decal A is used to collapse the canopy before cleaning, pack down begins with decal B and ends with decal O.


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