The most powerful wipe in the world. Unbeatable protection against persistent outbreaks, high-risk organisms and dry surface biofilms. Powered by patented technology, Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes disrupt every layer of microbial defence.


Peracetic Acid Wipes

Ideal for preventing & resolving outbreaks. More effective than chlorine against hard-to-kill organisms, spores and biofilms. Effective from 10 seconds. No pre-cleaning required.

The perfect complement to an everyday disinfectant, such as Clinell Universal Wipes. Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes are ideal for outbreaks thanks to proven protection from high-risk and hard to kill organisms. Our patented, near-neutral pH formula is incredibly powerful yet kind to surfaces. Proven to reduce C. difficile-associated disease by 72%.

Product code: CS25

NHSSC code: VJT113


Previously known as Clinell Sporicidal Wipes.

Wiping out biofilms

Why do some outbreaks seem impossible to resolve? Emerging evidence suggests that dry surface biofilms may be the answer.

Infection prevention innovation

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Exceptional surface compatibility

Thanks to our patented formulation, we’re able to achieve unbeatable efficacy at near-neutral pH. That means, unlike other peracetic acid-based products, Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes are kind to surfaces.

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Effective dose every time

Our unique dual-layer construction traps microorganisms, whilst added detergents make sure Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes are just as effective in dirty conditions.

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5x the surface coverage

Thanks to our unique construction, every wipe goes further. In fact, each single Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipe delivers surface coverage equivalent to 5 standard disinfectant wipes. Helping reduce wasted wipes, time and money.

Efficacy data
How to use
Efficacy data
Effective AgainstTestKill Time
Dry biofilmsASTM E2967-15Wiping 10 sec, contact 2 min
Acinetobacter baumanniiEN1372710 sec
Enterococcus faecalisEN1372710 sec
Enterococcus hiraeEN13727
10 sec
1 min
Escherichia coli (E. coli)EN1372710 sec
Klebsiella pneumoniae (ESBL)EN1372710 sec
Pseudomonas aeruginosaEN13727
10 sec
1 min
Staphylococcus aureusEN13727
10 sec
1 min
Bacillius subtilisEN 137042 min
Clostridium difficileEN13704
ASTM E2362-09
2 min
2 min
Mycobacterium aviumEN143482 min
Mycobacterium terraeEN143482 min
Candida aurisEN 1362410 sec
AdenovirusEN144761 min
Canine parvovirusEN146752 min
Human Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)EN144761 min
How to use

Wear recommended PPE.


Remove one wipe from the pack.


To activate, wet the wipe with water under a tap or dip into a bucket.


Squeeze out the wipe to remove excess water.


Working from clean to dirty, wipe in an ‘S’ shaped pattern, taking care not to go over the same area twice.


Change the wipe if it becomes dry or soiled and discard in the clinical waste bin. Let the surface air dry.


Why are the wipes dry?

Peracetic acid can be very reactive. This makes it great for breaking down microorganisms and biofil…Read More

Are Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes acidic?

Actually no. Because they use patented technology to generate a blend of oxidative disinfectants onl…Read More

How much water should I use?

Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes were designed with our users in mind – we want to remove as many potent…Read More

Will Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes damage my surfaces?

Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes have been formulated for exceptional surface compatibility. They’re tes…Read More

What is the active concentration of peracetic acid?

Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes produce a concentration of 3,500ppm of available peracetic acid.

Do they generate harmful end products?

The active ingredients of Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes break down into simple, non-toxic end product…Read More

Should I use Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes instead of Clinell Universal?

Clinell Universal Wipes are any everyday cleaning & disinfectant product. They’re effective against …Read More

How do Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes compare to chlorine?

Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes outperform chlorine-based disinfectants in several key areas.

No pre-c…

Read More

Find out more

To arrange a trial, or to find out more about how Clinell Peracetic Acid Wipes can help support your infection prevention practice, speak to your local GAMA Healthcare Area Manager

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