1000ml of brilliance in a bottle

Touch-free Hand Disinfection Range

Touch-free Hand Disinfection Range

Our hand sanitiser is effective against all known viruses, featuring a unique blend of moisturisers and natural fragrances to ensure your hands are kept well hydrated and fresh.

Featuring a unique 75% (v/v) alcohol gel formula, our touch-free disinfection range can kill all known viruses from 30 seconds after application. Combined with innovative dispenser technology and GAMA's infection prevention expertise, this product range comes as a result of a creative partnership that was made in Heaven.


GAMA science merged with German engineering Taking the best aspects of both businesses, GAMA Healthcare have created a formidable partnership that viruses can’t contend with.

State-of-the-art automatic dispensing technology Crafted with the best science and engineering available currently on the market, this product ensures that consumers are getting the very best care from our sanitising technology.

Tough on viruses, gentle on your hands While our sanitiser can kill all known viruses within 30 seconds, it leaves hands hydrated and feeling clean.

Supportive and educational material available At GAMA it is important to us that our customers understand how our products can be best used as well as we do.

Effective Against Test
Bacteria EN13727
Fungi EN13624
Mycobacteria EN14348
Viruses EN14476
Volunteers EN1500

Rub your hands palm to palm

Rub your fingertips into opposing palm

Rub each thumb in opposing hand

Product Product codes
Touch free hand disinfecton kit box gel stand CHDNKBGS
Touch-free hand disinfection kit box backboard medium CHDNKBBM
Touch-free hand disnfection fragranced 1000ml cartridge CHDN1000GR
Touch-free hand disinfection 1000ml gel automatic dispenser CHDNGAD
Touch-free hand disinfection drip tray automatic CHDNDTA
Touch-free hand disinfection stand CHDNGS
Touch-free hand disinfection backboard CHDNBBM

Can I use the Clinell Hand Disinfection instead of soap and water?

Yes, if hands look clean.

Is it safe to use frequently?

Yes, our product has been dermatologically tested and confirmed that our product is safe to use, even with frequent use.
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What’s included in a dispenser kit?

Each kit contains the relevant dispenser (free-standing or wall-mounted) plus batteries, assembly instructions and instructions for use.
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Does the Clinell Hand Disinfection dry out the skin on your hands?

No as it is enhanced with moisturisers and utilises natural fragrances to keep hands soft and fresh.

Do you offer after sales support?

Yes, please call GAMA Healthcare Customer Service on 020 7993 0030.

Product range

Touch-free Hand Disinfection Wall Mounted Dispenser

With this wall mounted sanitising starter kit, you can keep your staff confident and their hands clean. Contains: wall-mount backboard, automatic dispenser, drip tray, batteries and instructions for use.


Touch-free Hand Disinfection Free Standing Dispenser

The perfect solution for sanitising high traffic areas, able to be repositioned with ease to promote a safe working environment. Contains: stand, automatic dispenser, drip tray, batteries and instructions for use.


Touch-free Hand Disinfection Fragranced 1000ml cartridge

Over a decade of British infection prevention expertise kept in one easily replaceable 1000ml bottle. Combine with our state-of-the-art German-engineered dispensers to protect your business and make sure not a drop is wasted.


Technology and science come together to leverage hand hygiene and offer peace of mind to you and to your customers.


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